Marketing is getting harder

Advertising used to be incredibly straightforward. First build something good and then tell the world about it. If it wasn’t that good, lie about it. The outcome was pretty similar. People would buy what they were told to buy.

Things changed. The audience became savvier and more cynical toward advertising. So marketers responded by torturing them with emotional work that pulled more at their heartstrings rather than their purse strings. We bought because of guilt or to belong to a tribe of the cool and beautiful.

Everything is changing

Social media turned marketing upside down. Literally. The audience now has a voice. It can unpick marketing half-truths in a heartbeat. Peer-recommendation has more value than the Wall Street Journal. It does, honestly….

Are brands coping?

Not easily. They can’t respond to the tsunami of social commentary in real time but they’ll have to. Brands know it’s crucial to be relevant and engaging but there are so many fronts to the new battlefield.

At the same time there is a new pressure for authenticity and transparency. Deep inside any business lurks an army of potential whistleblowers, thrilled to reveal any scandalous activities.

The good news is we are waking up a bigger force of fans, influencers and advocates. And today’s marketing is much more focussed on bringing these people alive and stimulating them to engage and become active evangelists.

3LA is focussed on these new opportunities. Discovering, activating and empowering the biggest army of followers, fans, influencers and advocates that you deserve. In record time. Because we have tools, process and experience.

What would you name a new type of business?

Three-letter acronyms are the bane of our lives. The tech sector obfuscates really fascinating breakthroughs with 3LAs that only engineers seem to understand. Advertising agencies use 3LAs to shorten the list of founder's names. is a slightly ironic catch-all name that brings these two communities together.

3LA is a community of remarkable individuals

These are marketers and entrepreneurs who have built and sold multi-million dollar businesses. People who enjoy sharing their wealth of experience with both brand new start-ups and established businesses that are looking for a fresh marketing perspective.

Some 3LA staff are full time but the magical part of our offer is a network of brilliant individuals who get stuck into projects and add their ingenuity to our collective wisdom. You could never employ these people. Most of them suffer from corporate ADHD and grow tired of sitting at the same desk. But these are the very people who can transform your business and your marketing.

We don’t offer pre-cooked solutions

We’re not smug. We're on a new journey helping companies make sense of the techno-babble. We drown out the noise and connect you with relevant innovation. Technology is changing the world of marketing faster today than yesterday. Meanwhile, you need to plan for tomorrow.

We only want to do breakthrough work


Perhaps IBM or McKinsey have charged you a king’s ransom to ensure you’re at marketing’s leading edge but your friends (maybe your kids) keep showing you that you’re not. The board tell you to stop playing around with Facebook and get serious about driving sales. Life has never been more difficult. Being a great marketer shouldn’t mean that you need to be a great technologist as well. So who can you turn to? Us. We were born to offer considered, impartial and business centred advice to hard pressed Brand Marketers.

Advertising Agencies

Ad revenues and margins are shrinking but clients want more than ever. Creativity is turning to technology in spite of the fact that the industry’s professional storytellers are better versed in headlines than hypertext. How would it be if you could brainstorm some technology powered marketing ideas with people who could help you make it real? 3LA lets creatives stay creative and has no ambition to steal the limelight.

Technology Marketing Platforms

No matter how clever the technology, the challenge for new Technology Marketing Platforms will always be adoption. In other words, fixing your solution firmly into the broader marketing process and then persuading people to use it. Brand Marketers often love a concept but simply can’t face trying to talk their IT departments into installing and supporting it. Worse still, they fear the battle of bringing a whole department of luddites and dissenters with them. 3LA understands this nightmare and has built some tools to assist with internal communications, training and adoption control.

What do we do?

Innovation is hard. It's even harder when you need to focus on your quarterly numbers. There's never enough time or enough team bandwidth to keep up with new opportunities and new technologies. 3LA is designed to help. We bring smart strategic thinkers to offer you a totally fresh perspective. We connect you to the bleeding edge of marketing technology but safeguard you and your brand from reputational injuries.

Source Top Technology

We've built a vast database of products and services to help marketers stay ahead. We've partnered with some companies and invested in others. We sniff out real innovation, find the best match for your needs and maintain complete transparency about any vendor relationships.

Provide Marketing Outsourcing

With world markets recovering, opportunities are popping up faster than marketing departments can cope. So outsourcing makes total sense. We use strategic project teams and then hand off process work to operational staff. You don't waste money on headcount but spend your budget on programmes instead.

Plug-in Planet Talent™

You can't get ahead unless you're in the game. So many of our super smart team are actually in post with other companies. They're all over the world but they engage with the challenges you bring us for just enough time to solve them. It keeps everyone from getting stale.

Catalyse Social Thinking

Advertising credibility has plunged to an all time low largely because social has changed the way we look at it. Social marketing needs to become a way of business. 3LA hones your social activity into real, quantifiable marketing and helps you to measure it with traditional metrics.

The Interrogator™

One of the biggest hurdles in an organisation can be changing old school thinking. We use workshops and interactive tools to benchmark performance across the business and build a clear consensus around a more effective future.

The Mobile Trainer™

Having created momentum for change, our app based training platform delivers quantified business transformation - across timezones, languages and cultures. It works fast to get an organisation and its brand custodians all on the same page.

1. Establish the criteria for success. 2. Deliver

We start with an intensive fact finding process, using a unique process and tools to seek out the marketing and sales challenges. Then we translate them into some hard-nosed KPIs that everyone understands and that can be easily measured. Only then, can we start to build a plan to make a difference and a process to make it real.

With the programme defined and agreed, we build the team that will deliver it. A group of people who share the pain and the joy until the glitter end. Our team becomes part of your team. Either in your offices or in ours. As you would expect, we use technology to keep us on track and to keep everything in the right place.

We try not to be disruptive

We're not an agency. We're not a management consultancy. We're not a tech shop. Our role is not to replace but to complement any of these incumbents. We are change agents. Challengers of the status quo. And as a third party, we're well placed to serve in that capacity. Our differentiation is based firmly around innovation. How to do things better, faster slicker. How to build better businesses that deliver finer customer experiences right through their added- value chain.

We're honest, straightforward and authentic

So we're also keen on a super-transparent pricing model. We typically sell time but we're not fearful of selling impact. Engagements that connect our earnings with business outcomes are totally fine by us. Bring them on.


Blink and it’s too late


The world is moving faster than you are


To get where you want to be – overshoot


Set audacious goals


Be brave, stay vigilant and reject mediocrity


Worry incessantly about the upstarts who want to bury you


Despatch them with weapons of tomorrow that you learned to use yesterday


Think hard, make a difference and live in glory

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