Marketing is getting harder

Advertising used to be incredibly straightforward. First build something good and then tell the world about it. If it wasn’t that good, lie about it. The outcome was pretty similar. People would buy what they were told to buy.

Things changed. The audience became savvier and more cynical toward advertising. So marketers responded by torturing them with emotional work that pulled more at their heartstrings rather than their purse strings. We bought because of guilt or to belong to a tribe of the cool and beautiful.

Everything is changing

Social media turned marketing upside down. Literally. The audience now has a voice. It can unpick marketing half-truths in a heartbeat. Peer-recommendation has more value than the Wall Street Journal. It does, honestly….

Are brands coping?

Not easily. They can’t respond to the tsunami of social commentary in real time but they’ll have to. Brands know it’s crucial to be relevant and engaging but there are so many fronts to the new battlefield.

At the same time there is a new pressure for authenticity and transparency. Deep inside any business lurks an army of potential whistleblowers, thrilled to reveal any scandalous activities.

The good news is we are waking up a bigger force of fans, influencers and advocates. And today’s marketing is much more focussed on bringing these people alive and stimulating them to engage and become active evangelists.

3LA is focussed on these new opportunities. Discovering, activating and empowering the biggest army of followers, fans, influencers and advocates that you deserve. In record time. Because we have tools, process and experience.